What are Bellota Baby’s core values?
To provide fresh, organic, nutrient dense baby and toddler food to nourish your Little Acorn.


What makes Bellota Baby products different to other products?
The use of nutritionally balanced organic, simple ingredients which have not been heat-treated or pasteurised and require refrigeration.

Do you use organic and GMO-free produce?
Absolutely, down to our organic bay leaves. If you require any further information please contact us at info@bellotababy.com


How should I introduce solids to my child?
The two most popular approaches are spooning feeding purees or baby lead weaning. We would not recommend beginning weaning until 6 months of age.

What age should I start feeding my baby Bellota Baby products?
As our range is constantly growing we recommend checking the individual product label.

What age groups can consume Bellota Baby products?
Currently, 6 months upwards for our purees, smoothies and porridge. 8 months upwards for the brownies and bliss balls.

How much food / what size portion should I give my baby?
All babies and toddler's requirements differ and all wean at a different rates so we would suggest taking your child's lead.


What about allergens?
All our recipes are free from meat, fish, dairy & gluten. However, we do use nuts and celery. This is specified clearly on our labels. 

Are your Bellota Baby products high in sugar and salt?
Refined sugar and salt are never used in any of our products. Please check our nutritional labels for further reassurance.


How and where do you prepare the food for Bellota?
In our kitchen, which was awarded a hygiene rating of 5.


How long does the food last?
This ranges for 5 - 10 days if unopened and refrigerated below 8c. Again, please refer to individual product labels.


How is the food packaged?
The food is stored in fully recyclable & toxic free chilled glass bottles and jars.


Why doesn’t the food have a longer shelf life?
We believe in providing babies and toddlers with fresh, unpasteurised nutrient dense food. The heating process used to extend shelf life often destroys many of a food's nutrients.


Can I reheat Bellota Baby products?
Certain products can be reheated, please see the individual product labels.


Can I store food my baby doesn't finish?
This varies from product to product, please see the individual labels.



How do you keep products fresh during delivery?
We temperature control using an infrared thermometer and all products are placed in cool boxes when in transit.




If you have any other questions about our product and services, please don't hesitate to contact us.


We would love to hear from you.