Purchase & Delivery


1. Check your postcode 

We offer a delivery service to selected London postcodes.
Check the map below or enter your postcode in our area checker.



2. Purchase

Is there a minimum order required?
Yes, each order must be a minimum of three products.


Do you do bulk orders?
Yes, a maximum of 30 products.


How do I pay for the products? 
Safe and secure payment can be made via the e-commerce shop using a debit or credit card. The shop framework is provided by Big Commerce. The payment gateway by Stripe. Both are well-respected and trusted providers of secure e-commerce systems.


When do I need to place may order?
Orders must be placed at least 48 hours prior to delivery. Available delivery dates can be viewed upon checkout, using the calendar. Unavailable delivery dates will be grey. Please note each delivery date has a delivery slot of 7:00pm-10:00pm.


What is the cut-off for ordering and delivery in the same week? 
Our cut-off is 48 hours before the chosen delivery date.


Can I buy and stock your products in my shop/store/website?
Yes, please contact us at info@bellotababy.com



If you have any other questions about our product and services, please don't hestitate contact us.  

We would love to hear from you. 



3. Delivery

None of the delivery slots work for me, do you offer any other times?
We only offer 3 standard delivery days and a time slot of 7:00pm - 10:00pm


How is the food delivered?
Food is delivered chilled in glass containers which have been conveniently and securely boxed up.


How much is delivery?
Delivery is a fixed cost of £2.99 per order. 


Do I need to be home to accept the delivery?
Ideally due to the perishable nature of the food we require someone to take delivery as it will need refrigeration soon after delivery. However, you may request the box is left in a safe location if you specify where on your order.


I am not happy with my order, who do I speak to?
If you experience any problems or are not 100% satisfied with our service please send an email to info@bellotababy.com and we will rectify the situation promptly.