Our Story


why bellota baby?

We have unconditional love for our tiny ones from the minute they are born and every parent wants the best for their baby from the offset. However, once the sleeping, nursing, nappy changing phase is under control and a healthy routine has been established along comes weaning... just to keep us on our toes!

Bellotababy was set up for this very reason, as we identified a gap in the market for fresh organic baby and toddler food delivered direct to your door. We found retailers & food service outlets have limited, if any, nutrient dense wholefood options available which have not been pasteurised or decanted from a pouch, found on a sad looking shelf rather than a fridge with an extended shelf life, sometimes stretching 2.5 years.

We strongly believe in serving the whole family live nutrient dense food, especially the tiny people who weight for weight eat far more than a full-grown adult.

For this reason all of our food has not been heat treated, is free from preservatives, additives, refined sugar and salt and made using 100% organic ingredients.

Our range of fresh Pure Purees, Natural Nectars & Baby Bites provide a fresh, natural, highly nutritious alternative to traditionally shop bought commercial baby & toddler food.



who is bellota?

Founder Jade Ireland

After 10 years of partnership at an international property firm and following a health scare of my (strawberry blonde!) second child, I began researching tiny people's nutritional needs and the state of the baby food market in the UK.

Studying at College of Naturopathic Medicine in London in the evenings, I set up Bellota Baby in late 2016, leaving the partnership in January 2017.

Living in Highgate, an area popular with young families and surrounded by wonderful nurseries & schools I began selling in farmer's markets, independent cafes and health shops launching my web site in February 2017.

I endeavour to not just provide fresh, nutritionally dense food for the tiny people but also to try and guide parents through the weaning minefield and provide weekly blogs that may help when it comes to feeding and caring for our adorable little ones.

I hope you enjoy the website and I would love to hear from you! Get in touch via email: jade@bellotababy.com